The company's vision is to become the world's leading provider of innovative products and integrated solutions for the industrial market. Foxconn 4Tech develops its own intelligent industrial solutions aimed at realizing the vision of a digital factory based on the principles of Industry 4.0 initiative. Through unique solutions, Foxconn 4Tech helps customers create completely new business opportunities and contributes to their higher efficiency in a rapidly changing and data-driven industrial environment. Foxconn 4Tech products and solutions portfolio includes Industrial IoT, BI, Predictive Data Analysis, Augmented Reality, Industrial Automation, MES and WMS Systems, Process Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, System Integration Processes and many

Senior Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

For our data science team we are looking for an experienced data scientist/machine learning engineer.
We are building models and analytics for the next generation of smart factories and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.

There are many interesting problems to work on: how to build reliable statistical/machine learning models and then how to get the results back to the factory floor and act on them.
Our main areas of interest are application of deep learning technologies in the area of image and video recognition (for example for quality control and product classification), time series prediction from IoT sensors and many other data science tasks.

You will be working with skilled software and hardware and experts from robotics and mechatronics and come into touch with a large variety of projects and technologies including cutting edge machine learning/deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow…) and big data platforms.
We think IoT and robots are much more interesting than optimizing online ads or detecting shoe brands in pictures, right?


• Exploratory analysis, data cleaning & visualization
• Feature engineering, model building, training and evaluation
• Productionalization of machine learning applications
• Our areas of research:
o Image and video recognition (object detection, quality control)
o Time series analysis (IoT sensors), predictive models
o Advanced Process Control with Deep Learning (reinforcement learning)
o Analysis of misc. business/industrial data (descriptive statistics, modelling)
• Depending on your interest & temperament: presentation and interfacing with customers, data science project management


• Python Data Science software stack – numpy/scipy/matplotlib/sklearn/pandas/…
• Practical experience with Deep Learning Frameworks: TensorFlow/Keras
• Good overview of deep learning / machine learning and curiosity to learn more
• Software engineering skills (Linux, shell scripting, version control, Docker)
• Usage SQL and NoSQL databases
• Interest in taking on project responsibility!

Big advantage if you have any of these:

• Experience with “classical” computer vision (filters, edge detectors, denoising, etc.)
• Practical experience with other state-of-the art machine learning algorithms (xgboost, gbm, random forest etc.)
• Experience with continuous integration (e.g. Azure Pipelines)
• Experience with the Hadoop/streaming stack: Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Kafka etc.
• Experience with Raspberry Pi/Arduino

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